Greenscape USA is a Northeast Ohio-based landscape supply company near me that supplies grounds-keeping and landscaping supplies for residential and commercial applications. Among the preferred landscape supply companies near me for landscaping contractors in our region, we supply bulk quantities of landscaping materials for all large-scale landscaping contracting jobs.

Our landscape supply company near me supplies supply bulk materials such as: 

  • Topsoil 
  • Gravel
  • Rocks
  • Mulch
  • Sand
  • Other Various Landscaping Supplies and Materials

Centrally located in Parma, Ohio, Greenscape USA supplies affordable, high-quality landscaping materials for all types and sizes of landscaping projects to contractors and homeowners alike.

We offer a full range of quality products for landscaping contractors and homeowners to complete their landscaping projects, helping to transform ordinary landscapes into beautiful landscapes with incredible aesthetics. While bulk materials are preferred by the landscaping professionals as well as do-it-yourselfers, Greenscape USA is also offers a full range of landscaping services for those who prefer to leave it to the professionals.

We are experts among landscape supply companies near me, providing advice on landscaping materials with a huge inventory and selection of landscaping materials to make all your landscaping projects come to life.

We also offer a complete selection of snow control supplies, de-icing materials, and ice removal equipment for all landscaping contractors to use for all residential and commercial properties.

Landscape and grounds management contractors find a large selection of landscaping supplies from Greenscape USA. We offer all the bulk landscaping materials for your ground maintenance, landscaping improvements and repairs. We have various natural materials for every landscaping project, proving our industry dominance among landscape supply companies near me.


Why are quality landscaping supplies important for the best landscaping projects?

We consider landscapes meaningful to all property owners. They must be aesthetically pleasing, improving and complementing the beauty of any and every property. By surrounding property owners with beautiful views and perfect landscapes, we consider the right landscaping materials for a landscaping project to be the material that enhance a property owner’s sense of personal well-being and quality of life.

Do-it-yourselfers and landscaping contractors can secure their landscaping supplies with large-quantity wholesale pricing for all bulk materials on all our landscaping supply products.

Some of the landscaping materials and hardscaping products available at our landscape supply company near me include:

  • Mulch
  • Stones
  • Multiple Varieties of Grass Seed
  • Limestone Materials
  • Plentiful varieties of landscaping materials that are too numerous to list.

When landscape contractors buy direct from a landscape supply company near me such as Greenscape USA, they save on materials costs while ensuring the top quality of the materials used for all of their landscaping projects. We have every type of landscaping material available for sale. All landscape contractors and do-it-yourselfers welcome!

A sample of properties that procure their landscaping materials from us as the most accessible landscape supply company near me are:

  • Municipal Parks
  • Recreational Area Operators
  • Resorts
  • Private Residences
  • Many more properties that need quality landscaping materials as only Greenscape USA can provide.

A basic description of common landscaping materials that are usually procured by landscaping contractors and DIY property owners from us:

  • Pavers and Walls – High-quality pavers for use on walkways, driveways, garden edging and decorative wall installations. Wall accessories and materials such as lights, retaining wall materials, and edging bricks.
  • Natural and Pallet Stones – We keep a large supply of these stones for use as landscape edgings and to enhance the natural beauty of your landscaping designs.
  • Mulch and Topsoil – These are commonly procured by landscape contractors and homeowners alike for all their gardening restorations and improvements. Topsoil is also used as ground fillers to build-up any depressed landscaping areas of their property to enhance the aesthetics of their landscaping project.

Besides the typical garden and landscaping materials supply, as a landscape supply company near me, we also provide plant fertilizers to improve the overall health of all your plants for all your landscaping projects.

As a landscape supply company near you, we also supply landscaping materials for use in:

  • Gardening Materials
  • Hedge and Shrub Maintenance
  • Lawn Fertilization
  • Lawn and Bed Edging

As one of the best landscape supply companies near me, we work directly with our clients and landscaping contractors to ensure that the landscaping materials we provide for our clients exceed all our client’s material specifications for their landscaping projects. 

We constantly exceed the expectations of landscape contractors and do-it-yourselfers with our high-quality materials and high inventory levels of landscaping materials within our client’s budget. Utilizing a well-established system of quality control and high-quality, our landscaping materials are readily available for pickup or delivery for all residential and commercial landscaping clients and consistently meet the requirements of all landscaping projects. We stock the latest, high-quality landscaping materials in the market, offering the best landscape supplies to our customers.

It’s time to stop searching for landscape supply companies near me, because Greenscape USA serves all residential and commercial properties with all types of materials for their landscaping installation, restoration, and maintenance projects. As a locally owned business, and as a landscape supply company near you, we have landscaping and grounds management experts that can offer you the right advice about the correct materials to use for all your landscaping projects, and with comprehensive material solutions for all your lawn care, landscaping, and grounds keeping needs.

Our knowledgeable personnel has years of experience in recommending the right materials for all types of landscaping projects, so you have everything you need to design a landscape that looks polished, no matter the season. 

Look no further for a landscape supply company near me to help take your vision and create an enjoyable landscaping reality with the right materials that will consistently surpass your expectations. We stand behind the quality of our landscape supplies.

Greenscape USA offers durable, consistent, high-quality landscaping materials for all types of landscaping jobs. We are meticulous in meeting the durability and quality needs of our customers, offering the landscaping materials needed to perform any landscaping task – from regular maintenance to outdoor space improvements and restorations. 

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